Atlantic Shipping Company

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Since November 2010, Atlantic Shipping is a multinational company from  Uncharted Waters Online. Based upon a solid core of players, all nations are welcome and all classes are allowed. Founded and directed by Wright and assisted by Guar. You can find us in London, England!


OGP Anniversary Events

The first year of Uncharted Waters Online on OGPlanet has passed and OGP is holding several events to celebrate this occasion! Do check here what's coming!


Maritimer's Month!

Join in a whole month of festivities! Check it here for more info!

Starter Packs available for the new!

Starter packs are new awarded to the players during their early stages of the game: great rewards, boosters and items to help you grind faster! Give it a look here!

Updates on Epic Sea Feuds and the new Royal Navy Patch

The latest changes to the epic sea feuds and the newly created system that allows players to join their country's royal navies. For battle addicts!! Check it out here!

2nd Age - Chapter 4 - The Lion of The North

The latest chapter on the Uncharted Waters Online series - chapter 4 : The Lion of The North!

2nd Age - Chapter 3 - Conquest

Uncharted Waters Online gets its newest update on this third chapter - Conquest!

2nd Age - Chapter 2 - Wing of Gryphon

Check out the second chapter in the 2nd age of Uncharted Waters Online - The Wing of Gryphon!

2nd Age - Chapter 1 - Two-Headed Eagle

Uncharted Waters Online entered its 2nd Age. Check out what's coming next on this first chapter!

13th Update: Reconquista

The latest update is out - Reconquista - featuring new quests, new crests, new equipment and new items. Discover more here.

12th Update: Episode 5 - The Tower of Babel

Check out the latest update, bringing the lvl75 unlock, new ships, equipments, quests, discoveries, ornaments, memorial albums and more! Check it out here

Update: El Oriente Chapter 3: The Morning Calm!

Unlock the wonders of ancient Korea!  Traces of ancient Korea await you in the latest chapter of the El Oriente Expansion! The rise of a new admiral, new quests, new places, new discoveries are about to unfold! More info here!

Hall of Fame
Our Hall of Fame section has been finally released! Check our first honorary members! Become one, get recognized and get rewards! Be a proud member of our house and a legend to others! More info here!

Update: Discover the land Zipang!! Japan is out!!

The ports of Japan are the latest update to the game!  For more information about the new Zipang update, kindly click here: Land of the Rising Sun!

Christmas Event!

Check out the latest event here!

Patch: Extra Patch Update!

Surprise patch package including new colony buildings, new pets, new guild system, new school system, battle campaign update, updated port entry permissions and new Oxford University lectures! Check it out here!

Event: Celebrate UWO Day, December 14th & 15th!

There will be a 1.5x EXP and Skill Proficiency Booster from December 14, 2012 at 10:00am (PST) until December 15, 2012 at 2:00pm (PST)

Reader's Choice Awards 2012: Vote for UWO!

Vote for our favorite game and check netmarble's upcoming mmorpg 'Monarch'! Click here for more details.

Event: Thanksgiving Festival!

Click here for more information on the new event!

Event: Welcome Newbie & Returning Sailors!

Latest event will provide freebies for newly created accounts during the events' period and for inactive players in the last two months or more. Click here for more info!

Update #8: The Land of Dragons

Here it is guys! The 8th update and the 1st chapter in the East Asian series. We now have access to China and Taiwan, their ports, goods, quests and much more! More info here.

New website!

Atlantic Shipping Co. has a new website! Feel free to explore it!

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